domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Killwhitneydead - Inhaling The Breat Of A Bullet

Artista/Artist - Killwhitneydead
Album - Inhaling The Breat Of A Bullet
Año/Year - 2002
Genero/Genre - Death Metal/Experimental
Myspace -
Pais/Country - USA
Estado/Status - Activo/Active

1+ If It Ain't Johnny Cash It Ain't Country
2+ I Already Have Enough Friends
3+ Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
4+ Another Tragic Case Of The Rockstar Syndrome
5+ Staring Robert Downy Jr. As The Addict
6+ It's Like Eating A Little Peic Of Jesus A Murderers Communion
7+ Is That My Blood Or Hers
8+ Why Smile When I Am Carrying This Gun
9+ Mikey And The Apartment Of Missfit Porn
10+ Killwhineydead Vs The River Bottom Nightmare Bond
11+ My Favorite Two Shades On You Are Black And Blue


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